Fat Boy's Bar-B-Q
2912 13th Street
Saint Cloud, FL 34769

Banquet Room

Fat Boy's has a large banquet room, that will seat up to 65 people. We offer the following menu selections:

Lunch Specials: Your choice of a Beef, Pork, or BBQ Chicken lunch special. Served with baked potato, bbq beans, or coleslaw, and garlic bread.

Dinner Specials: Your choice of a Beef, Pork, or BBQ Chicken dinner. Served with a baked potato, bbq beans, coleslaw, and garlic bread.

Open Menu: Your choice of any items off of our regular menu.

Buffet (Feasts): We estimate 1 feast per every 4 people.

*We require at least 25 complete meals served to avoid a room charge. If there is not 25 meals served, there is a $40.00 room charge.

**We do include the tip on all checks given in the banquet room. It is your responsibility to let your guests know this. We will not remove the tip from checks.

***We book baby or bridal showers with an up front deposit equal to the price of 25 meals. This deposit can be used towards the cost of the meals served in your banquet, but if you do not have 25 meals served, the balance of the deposit will not be refunded.